About Us

About Banner Systems Banner Security’s process insures that the clients’ needs are met from day one.

Banner Security Systems, Inc. is a full service, design-build commercial security system integrator providing turn-key solutions for access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, intercom communication, badge printing, etc.  With a combined industry experience of over 60 years, Banner’s team of account managers, installation/service technicians, programming/training staff are well-equipped to tailor a solution to best meet your needs and requirements. 

Banner Security Systems, Inc. was founded by Tony Spann in 1979 as a simple locksmith service company.  We quickly found that our clients required more complex levels of protection.  This began Banner’s evolutionary process.  Banner soon became a residential and commercial alarm system provider.  A short time passed and we realized that our clients wanted an even greater amount of security than previously offered. 

To better serve our more security conscious clients, we researched industry trends and available technology.  We then trained our technicians in providing the access control solutions and the integrated security systems these clients were requiring. 

In 1997, we sold our locksmith division and discontinued the sales / installation of fire detection systems in order to focus our resources on integrating access control and closed circuit television.  Our extensive background in locksmith techniques has made us one of the few security contractors in the area that can provide a complete turn-key installation.  Our biggest asset is that we can provide the client with a truly complete installation package including door hardware, access controllers, electric locks, system programming and training on the various systems.

We are focused on the future with the implementation of the latest technology, expansion of our operation and influence into other allied markets.